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What Are You Thankful For?

CTCT Employee

Here at Constant Contact, we’re getting really excited about Thanksgiving. This holiday is a truly special one, because it’s not just about the pies, or the turkey, or the stuffing — it’s about taking a moment to step back from the rush to appreciate friends and family, and be grateful for what we have.


With the holiday only a couple days away, we asked a few of our customers, as well as our Facebook fans, to share their thoughts about what they're thankful for this year. Here’s what they told us:


“First of all, I am thankful for an ever-increasing number of people who will put their feet under my table on Thanksgiving Day as our family continues to grow with a son and his growing family. Second of all, I’m thankful for the chance to live in a country where there is opportunity to use my talents and skills to grow my business and experience the American dream. Included with that is thankfulness for people with a vision of how technology can be used effectively for small business owners like me at companies like Constant Contact and Pixibility. May everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

— Matt Davidson & Glen Allen, LOGO Dynamics


“I’m thankful that our world is becoming more progressive and open-minded to those of us who are different.”

— Kyle Anderson, via Facebook


"Not everyone can wake up every day excited about the work ahead. Thanks to our wonderful clients, we can specialize in what we love: Constant Contact, writing, training, and consulting."

— Maureen Dudley, Dudley & Nunez Communications


“I am thankful for my friends and family, and for the technology that makes it possible for us to always be just a click apart!”

— Brenda Pendergraft, via Facebook


“I am thankful to be working in a rewarding profession where I can positively impact the lives of others by helping them find satisfying employment. As a bonus, I am very thankful for being successfully self-employed, which allows me to sleep until 8:00 a.m. and commute from my kitchen to my office in under 10 seconds.”

— Terry Pile, Career Advisors


“I am thankful to live in a country where free enterprise and those who think different than the masses are encouraged. I’m sure many forget how good we really do have it here. Thankful to be in the U.S.!”

— Tina Nixon-Brown, via Facebook


“I'm thankful for the fantastic customers of 99 Bottles who share a passion for beer and who enjoy taking their tastebuds on beer adventures. For friends and family who listen, laugh, and allow their jaws to drop upon hearing my tales of what it's like to operate a small retail business. For our wholesalers who attain limited-release and everyday beers, helping us share the beer love. And for the breweries and brewers for making beer that tastes so darn good. 99 Bottles loves you all. For each of you, we are thankful.”

— Tiffany Adamowski, 99 Bottles


“I am thankful because owning a business gives me the chance to share in so many of my customers’ lives and some off their real heartache. It makes me grateful for everything — small business problems and all.”

— Carol Borgess-Griifin, via Facebook


“I'm most thankful for the good health of my immediate family. I'm grateful for the amicable relationship I have with my ex-husband. I'm thankful to have an interesting job that challenges and stimulates me. And I'm very thankful for supportive, entertaining, and wine-drinking girlfriends!”

— Felicity Britton, Wild Rumpus Books


“I'm thankful that God is part of my life. I'm thankful for family and for the new baby that arrived this year. And I am thankful for all the good friends who have enriched my life. It’s all good.”

— Loretta Reith Menard, via Facebook


“On this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the experience of well-being, and to see it expressed through humor and warmth with my wife and three boys. I am grateful that my work allows me to bring the crucial voices and powerful stories of others out into the world. And I am grateful to watch the leaves offer their multitudes of colors, reminding me that transformation is inevitable."

— Mark Simon, Story Walkers Consulting Group


"I am thankful for family and friends, of course, but I am also very grateful for each of my clients in our small business. Without them, we could be in the ranks of the unemployed with so many others. Being your own boss is hard work, but it's worth it!"

— Leslie Jordan Stone, via Facebook


"This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the simple things that make life sweet: time with family, great food and wine, a warm house, a fun job, a vacation plan, good smelling candles, a happy kid, a loyal dog, a husband who still makes me laugh, and the occasional night out without them."

— Jennifer Goulart Amero, Serenitee Restaurant Group


"I'm thankful that my four children and some of their significant others will be visiting over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Love to see them and spend time with them." 

— Jim Dubinsky, Monkey House Concerts


What are you thankful for? Share your thoughts with us here or on our Facebook Page. 


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Great post. Gratitude is a vastly underutilized virtue that can have huge positive benefits in people's lives, both those who are grateful and those who are around grateful people. We all have many things to be grateful for, even during hard times!


I am thankful for many things, personal and professional. Just one on the professional side? I used Constant Contact with a huge amount of success at a former employer, so much so that I pointed to those successes as evidence of market segmentation skills in paving my own way to a new employer. Now I am introducing my new manager to the many benefits of aggressive yet thoughtful and well-timed e-mail marketing efforts to open entirely new markets for my company. THANK YOU, Constant Contact - from one professional to a whole team of professionals! 

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Thanksgiving is really great. It reminds me of what I achieved. I am very thankful for everything God gave me.

Fantastic post. I'm thankful that God is part of my life. I'm thankful for family and family members. And I am thankful for all the good friends who have enriched my life.Thanks for  your nice blog.