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You're Invited to Have an Early Look at Social Campaigns

CTCT Employee

As my wife and co-workers can tell you, I am not always the most patient person. When I learn about something cool, I like to tell everyone I know about it. It's one of the reasons I love social media, because it allows me to share what I love with so many more people so easily.


Today, I am beyond excited to tell you that we have begun an invitation-only roll-out of our new social media marketing product, Social Campaigns, which is designed specifically for small businesses and organizations. We’ve been working on this product for quite some time, and think it’s pretty awesome. Is it totally done? No. Is it something we think you’ll get excited about in its current form? Yes.


What the heck is the Social Campaigns product all about? Simply put, Social Campaigns is a new product designed to help small businesses and organizations get more fans and more business from their social media marketing. That means you can run real marketing campaigns that live on Facebook, are promoted to all of your social networks and email lists, and are trackable in our reports. It’s super easy to get started, and our templates make it easy to look professional the first time someone visits your Facebook Page.

You probably have a couple of other questions, right? Let me answer them:


1)      If it’s invitation only, how do I get an invitation? This one is easy. Go to and fill out the quick form you see there. As soon as more slots become available, we’ll get an invite to use the product into your inbox.

2)      Why isn't this available for everyone? We're still working out a few of the kinks, and the best way for us to get feedback is to invite a select group in. That doesn’t mean we don’t love everyone. It's just that we want to provide an awesome customer experience from day one.


We’ll be talking a lot more about this product, and how it can help you get real results from your social media marketing, early next year. But if you're like me and can't wait till then to play with it, get your name on the list and we’ll give you access as soon as you can.