Release Notes: April 2017


Did you know that Constant Contact pushes updates to our product regularly?  We wanted to make sure that you get all of the latest and greatest information right here in the Community. We will also be linking off to other resources for you to stay up to date on all of the new features or enhancements! Let's jump right on in! 



Changes & Updates: 

  • When you schedule your campaign, the default will now be set to "Schedule for Later." You can still choose to "Send Now" from the options, though. 
  • When adding your contacts, the drop down is getting simplified. Space was starting to get a little tight, so we are keeping the ones used most often and removing the less frequently used ones. Don't worry - you can always find the latest and greatest integrations and apps in the Constant Contact Marketplace.
  • Viewing your reporting just got a whole lot easier! You can now view 500 of your latest campaigns in the Trend Overview Graph. Learn more here
  • In our Third Generation Editor, typically called 3GE, we have had a couple of updates: 
    • You can now align images!  Once selecting the image you can choose left, right or center. Check out the gif below or read more about it here
    • Speaking of images...the insert image overlay has a new look!  
  • The campaign type list (shown on the Campaigns tab) has been updated to match the recent changes to the names in the campaign picker.

We'll be posting updates here monthly (look for them at the end of the month) letting you know what is happening. If there is something particular you want to see in these updates, please feel free to leave your comments below. 


Want even more? Check out our video of What's New in the first quarter of 2017!  Below you will also find a couple of other resources. 



Other Resources: 

KB Page: What's New



I'm a school secretary and use Constant Contact every day to send out the Daily Announcements to all staff and the parents of our students.  The recent change in sending a campaign to default to "Schedule for Later" has been very inconvenient.  Not only do I forget to pick "Send Now" it takes two extra steps to even choose "Send Now."   Please change the default to "Schedule for Later."  Thank you!


Hi @RobertB1853,


I'm very sorry this has affected you negatively. I will take your feedback on this recent change and let our developers know that you'd like to see it set back to Send Now by default. 


Gwendolyn B

Customer Engagement Specialist 


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