1 Billion Myspace Users Engaged by Email, Not Social Media

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1 Billion Myspace Users Engaged by Email, Not Social Media

College students on emailI’ve been in marketing for 15+ years. In that time a lot has changed, but the one thing that has remained a staple in every marketing effort I’ve been a part of has not wavered – email marketing. Over time many have tried to say “email is dead,” but in every case they were wrong. Email marketing is more than alive and well, and, in fact, it’s thriving.


Here is why I know email marketing has a long life ahead for we marketers. I work with a range of clients. The one market I’m always most interested in though involves college students. They are, after all, the future. What college students use today has eternally become the future. Today, college students use email. Many think the college market would be better served by targeting social media or text messaging. Each of these tools has their place, but email marketing is still the hub.


Here are two of many instances I could share on this subject:


1. Myspace – I did say Myspace and, yes, it is 2015. The story here is not about the social media site itself, but rather about how they promote themselves. Most everyone believes Myspace is dead and I can’t say they’re entirely wrong, but they have been racking up impressive numbers. Check out this quote and full article on the fact that Myspace is driving lots of traffic almost entirely because of the power and effectiveness of email marketing. (Article excerpt from vice.com - http://www.vice.com/read/will-myspace-ever-successfully-get-resurrected-111)


"During the past four years, the total number of users ever to be registered on MySpace crossed 1 billion, which is something very few platforms have achieved," Vanderhook told VICE. "Because of that, we've felt the site has far more longevity than people believe."


There's one thing that MySpace has that few other sites can boast: lots of email addresses.


"Our strategy is really simple," Vanderhook says. "Every time we have something relevant to say or offer, we leverage our archive of registered users and email aggressively."


2. College Town Businesses – My company works with a number of college town businesses and in every instance email is at the core of their marketing. Recently, we began working with a pizza shop in San Marcos, Texas, home of Texas State University. As part of our program with the shop, we encouraged them to implement a special offer as a website splash page to capture email addresses. To get started they decided to go with a simple signup with no incentive to join their list. In less than 4 weeks, even with no incentive, this client racked up more than 600 new email contacts. The story is the same for many of our other college town clients. College kids use their email and not just for class work. 


It's simple. You own your email list, not your Facebook likes. You own the distribution capability with email. The same cannot be said for social media. Email marketing is still the hub of any great marketing program. It's the future, not just the past.


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Jake Burns
An award-winning, Master Certified partner and is the founder of SouthDirekt, a Tampa-based internet marketing firm.
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