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#1 Reason for B2B to use Google Plus: Search

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#1 Reason for B2B to use Google Plus: Search

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Jeffrey L. Cohen posted an article going over how important Google Plus is now for B2B marketers.  I'm sure you're all thinking how can you learn another platform? And are your clients and prospects even there?  But, most people use Google to search the Internet.


Now, Google is pulling Google Plus information up to the top of your Google Searches.  This means that you will be seen.  So get on that network and start sharing content.  Post links to your blog and links to your newsletters. 


To learn more, check out "Just One B2B Social Media Reason for Google Plus: Search"


What social networks are you on?

Have you checked out Google Plus yet?

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Re: #1 Reason for B2B to use Google Plus: Search

Then why isn't it another social media application post option on constant contact? Facebook, twitter, and linked in all have options to post email marketing with simple share at the same time but why doesn't google plus have an option for it?