10 Highly Effective Habits of Successful Email Marketers

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10 Highly Effective Habits of Successful Email Marketers


I bet before you even begin to read this post you have already checked your email, correct? I'm curious which of those many emails did you click on and why? Did you delete some right away, while kept others in hopes of getting back to it later?


I went through the exact same process. There are some companies I can't wait to hear from, while others I keep reminding myself that I need to unsubscribe.


How can the small business owner make sure that their emails are the ones that are getting opened and more importantly are clicked through once opened, rather than being on the top list of one of the companies to unsubscribe? Wouldn't you love to see your open rate skyrocket? See your call to actions come to life as your click through rates soar. Become the company your readers love to share your content on their social media sites!


You absolutely can become an effective email marketer in your own right. Take a look at these 10 habits you can begin to incorporate into your email marketing initiatives.


Habit #1 They get permission from their target audience I personally do not believe in purchasing email lists. Think of it, we've all gotten emails from companies we know **bleep** straight we didn't opt-in to receiving their emails. Right off the bat, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth about this company. You'll be more effective when you're speaking to an audience that wants to hear from you.


Habit #2 They pay attention to what their readers want Listen to your audience. Pay attention to what they are asking on social media, conduct surveys, see what your competitors are doing and join forums where your audience hangs out. A smart marketer already knows what their audience wants before they send out a campaign.


Habit #3 They know their voice We all can recognize a standout email when we get one, because it sounds that it was written by a human, and it has a certain flavor to it. Rather than receiving the same salesy type of email time and time again. Great email marketers understand they are speaking to people, not "an audience". So their writing style is from one human being to another human being, not from brand to customer.


Habit #4 They have an objective Many of my clients tell me, I NEED to send out an email because I haven't in the past 2 months! If this is why you're sending out an email, you don't understand email marketing. Each and every email that you send out should have a specific objective you can properly measure. They answer these questions before even beginning to write the email. Why am I sending this campaign out? What specifically do I want my reader to do? Be very clear in your call to action. Keep it simple. Remember a confused reader will not take action, no matter what.


Habit #4 They are consistent Your customers and potential customers may not require your products and or services right now, however, when your consistent with your communication efforts, you're positioning yourself as the expert in your field, so that when they do need you, you're already present within their mind.


Note: Consistent does not mean for you to send out just promotional emails.Consistency requires for you to remain consistent in your desire to serve. Don't send out just promotional emails, don't over email, and definitely don't send content they did not ask for. Send out useful information your audience will appreciate. For example if you're a carpet cleaner, you can send out an email that includes tips on how to remove wine from your carpet. The more you help your audience, the more they would appreciate doing business with you.


Habit #5 They create subject lines that scream OPEN ME You do not have to be a creative writer to create an irresistible subject line. All you have to do is BE HONEST. Tell your readers exactly what they can expect to read once they open your email. If you're writing based off of what your readers are asking for (Habit #2), then your audience will already be inclined to open your emails.


Never do the bait and switch tactic. This is where a subject line gets one curious enough to open the email, just to find out that the subject line had absolutely nothing to do with the content within the email. This infuriates both me and you I'm sure. Don't be that email marketer.


Habit #6 They know how to work an auto-responder series Remember the time when you signed up to a list to receive that beautiful welcome message and then...crickets. You received another piece of communication from them in a few weeks and by that time you had completely forgotten who they were.


Great email marketers use auto-responders to send out a sequence of emails to every person from the time they sign up. This ensures that the person gets more exposure to their messaging in a timely fashion.


Habit #7 They will never SPAM you What exactly is SPAM emails. In a nutshell, SPAMMING means you are bombarded by emails that are selling you something you did not sign up to receive. Honest email marketers will not besiege you with their affiliate programs.

They also will stay true to their brand. In other words if one signed up to receive makeup tips and tricks, then you shouldn't send them advice on how to grocery shop on a budget.


Habit #8 They have a clear call to action In this day-in-age everyone is extremely busy. How would you like to receive a looooong email from every single company you opt-in to receiving their emails. Answer? You wouldn't. So keep your emails short sweet and to the point. Be very clear of what you want your readers to do, and how you want them to do it. Remember always have one objective for every communication you send out.


Habit #9 They build relationships with their readers With social media now in major play with companies and their customers, smart marketers understand that they need to build a relationship with their readers before they even ask for anything from them. They know that they need to prove themselves first, communicate to them that they are here to HELP, not to land another sale. How do they do this? They give tons of valuable information for FREE (remember that wine stain), they tell stories, they include their customers within their stories (testimonials), all to build trust. So when the time comes to choose your business, the loyalty has been created so there is no need to go anywhere else.


Habit #10 They know how to create killer promotions Because they have listened to their audience and know exactly what they want, from there, it's quite easy to create a promotion your customers will respond to. Combine this priceless information with the right pricing and persuasive techniques that work, i.e. for a limited time only (this works!). Your customers will have no choice but to be excited about your offer.


As a Master Certified Constant Contact Expert, I live and breathe email marketing. And I have learned a lot from my clients. Want to supercharge your email marketing in 2015? Answer these questions and see what magic you can create.

  • What can I do to make my readers feel special?
  • How can I stand out in the crowd?
  • What can you give them as an unexpected treat (think of the feeling you get when you get flowers at the office).

Don't forget to have some fun with your email marketing. Your objective for one of your email campaigns could simply be - Make Them Smile Today.

Remember we are all human beings, we should communicate and relate to one another as such.



Your Social Media Mentor is an award winning solution provider and proud partner of Constant Contact. As a social media consultant and speaker, Vanessa Cabrera is not your ordinary "consultant". What makes her stand out is that she makes sure, she teaches her clients how to effectively market their businesses online so that they themselves become social media marketing experts in their own right! That's why she's known as "The Mentor."

Her easy to follow suite of services provide clients with the tools needed to supercharge their social media marketing in an effort to build relationships with current customers, while gaining new ones!
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