10 Questions to Get Your Digital Marketing Moving

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10 Questions to Get Your Digital Marketing Moving

NibleAdvantage.pngThe speed of business is getting faster.  Online marketing is a real time environment and it moves quickly. As business owners we need to simply embrace this rapid pace and take advantage of it.


Small businesses have a big advantage over large enterprises. We can respond and move quickly. The chain of command in a small business is generally not lined with political agendas, up the ladder approvals and cross-departmental competitive spats. These all equate to delays in getting your message out to those that matter.  Nimble is rarely associated with large companies.


Today’s digital media favors the nimble.


But it also embraces those with a game plan, a strategy and a process.


Social Media and Email Marketing needs direction.


Below are 10 basic questions to help focus your digital marketing game plan:

  1. Who is/are your target audience(s)
  2. What will you offer these targets?
  3. How will you engage them?
  4. Where will you tell your story (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin,  Email Marketing, etc.)?
  5. When should you engage them?
  6. How often should you be posting and emailing?
  7. How much time and money should you budget?
  8. Why should they (your audience/target) care about what you can deliver?
  9. Do I/we (or my/our staff) have the time to manage our company’s digital marketing, or is it time to hire a company that provides these services?
  10. How will we measure the progress?

These questions help frame the cornerstone of your digital marketing plan and strategy. They can help you map out the road ahead and provide direction so you can move quickly and effectively. Realize that the direction may need to change based on results, market needs, your customers and many other factors. It is just part of the nature of today’s online marketing.
Stay nimble.

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