10 Surprising Stats That Will Have You Re-Thinking Your Social Media Agenda

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10 Surprising Stats That Will Have You Re-Thinking Your Social Media Agenda

While stats cannot guarantee universal results, they do reveal quite a bit about how the current trends in social media marketing can influence your company. Below we've summarized the ten latest trends from recent statistics (thanks to Buffer's original post) in social media that will surprise and inspire you.


1) The Little Guy Is Your Biggest Fan: Turns out your followers with the biggest following will mention you the least. It's those with 500 followers or less who will give your brand 91% of your total mentions, with only 6% of those relating to negative content. So pay more attention to the little guys to cement brand loyalty and encourage future mentions.

2) Twitter Is Not One but Six Different Networks of Communication: Turns out there really isn't just one singular network of communication on Twitter. Instead, six different conversation networks, ranging from "divided" to "clustered," exist between the varying users in contact with your brand. Identifying which network your brand attracts can help you to better communicate with your all your "fragmented" followers or hone-in content for your "unified" ones.

3) Use Your Words: While the saying goes that a picture can tell a thousand words, stats show that marketers most heavily triumph the written word for successful reach. In a world dominated by the visual, engaging followers with unique written content can liven things up.

4) 60 Minutes—Your Response Matters: Thanks largely in part to the immediacy of Twitter, stats show that over half of all Twitter users now expect a response in less than an hour after they've tweeted at a brand. If your following is too large to manage this time restraint on your own, opt for other services that will assist in a speedy response management.

5) Night Owls Retweet: Due to the lack of posting traffic between the hours of 10pm and 11pm, this late-evening stretch allows your posts to shine in the dark of night, allowing for a substantial increase in retweets (this theory applies to lazy Sundays, too!). Give it a shot by posting for the night owls to see how your retweets fair.

6) Facebook Says TGIF: Turns out the best day for Facebook can be aptly named "Facebook Fridays." See for yourself by posting the most important content at the end of the work week to receive more likes, shares, and comments than any other day on the stuff that matters most to your brand for optimum reach.

7) Facebook Favors Photos: How does "Facebook Photo Fridays" sound? Okay, perhaps it's a bit cheesy. But it turns out that not only does Facebook thrive on Fridays, it especially thrives on visual content, with 75% of updates and 87% of interactions occurring with photographs posts.

8) Hero's Podium: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest vs. Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn: This debate can more or less be summed up into a quantity vs. quality match-up. Although, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest bring in the most traffic to a brand's site, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn actually drive more quality traffic, with users spending more time on the site, acquiring more pages per visit as well as higher bounce rates. If you can't focus enough time and energy into all six, evaluate your brand goals (i.e. brand awareness vs. brand loyalty) and choose a trifecta accordingly.

9) Target Practice: Aim for 28, 118, or 385: Depending on the size of your following, you'll want to hit one of the target numbers above to make sure you are engaging your audience sufficiently. If you have less than 10,000 followers, 28 should be your goal for follower interaction per post. Between 10,000 and 999,999? 118 each. Over 100,000? Aim for each post to gain 385 interactions.

10) Pinterest's Daily Specials: Just like your local diner, Pinterest has a favorite "menu" for each day of the week. Posting about Fashion? Save it for Thursdays. Fitness more your thing? Post on Mondays. If possible, aim to have a post geared towards the category of the day to drive even more traffic.


Looking forward to hearing how experimenting with these stats go! Share with us on Facebook and Twitter.



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