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10 Ways to Brand an Online Healthy Presence

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10 Ways to Brand an Online Healthy Presence

Recently, I have been attending many local networking events. I have been noticing many people are unaware the importance of branding themselves as business owners or personally. Everything we all currently do on a daily basis creates some type of brand image without even realizing it. As technology, continues its rapid growth each day. It's essential to be sure all of your branding tools are always updated especially with social media. 


Let's roll the clock back to Marketing 101!


What is branding? 


The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.




Here are some simple steps to help guide you in maintaining an online healthy presence. 


1) Creating a 30 second elevator speech to convey short and concise message to everyone. Simply introduce yourself to the audience with quick highlights. 



2) Design a logo where people can identify your brand immediately. It must be concise with a clear message to match your website. A logo paints a clear picture of your branding to the public. If you aren't a creative person, be sure to hire a professional graphic designer to create a logo for your brand.


Here are some simple steps: 




3) Have a professional updated portrait picture of yourself. If you don't keep an updated, profile picture. As a business owner you will not have creditability with people. It portrays a completely different brand image. 




4) Always keep an updated online profile picture on all of your Social Media vehicles. 


5) Be thoughtful of posting pictures online. Once pictures are posted online. They can't be removed from the internet. When people Google your brand a picture may appear and loss creditability to your brand. 


6) Be sure to post current information on your social media vehicles. When there are gaps in posting information and articles. It sends a mixed message to people either your business has shut down or too busy and not looking for anymore business. 




7) If you receive a negative online posting, respond back with a positive comment. Maybe you can offer some type of small reward such as a gift certificate to use your product and services again. 


8) Create engagement on all of your social media vehicles. Consumers like to engage with businesses. Engagement helps to build strong relationships with people. They will then begin to trust you as a business owner. 





9) Cross market with other business to build business relationships.




10) Engage with non profit organizations which is called "cause marketing". It demonstrates your brand image in giving back to others who are in need of assistance. Consumers mostly will support a brand who are connected with nonprofit organizations. 




I hope you have found these tips to be beneficial for branding professonally and personally. 


Cheryl Henchar
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