11 Hacks to Help You Focus


11 Hacks to Help You Focus

I know, I know,  you are going to finish that email right after you read this. But wait, isn’t it someone’s birthday? Check Facebook for who you should say “Happy Birthday” to…and twenty minutes later you still haven’t finished that email.


We all get distracted and procrastinate at work.  In fact, 95% of people say they struggle to focus. I know I do!  I need to logout of all social media sites and focus on the task at hand in order to get it done.  Entrepreneur.com shared 11 Hacks That Will Help You Focus to help you keep yourself on track.


  • Keep food at your desk. (Glucose helps your brain focus)
  • Turn off the phone. (Most calls are not urgent)
  • Get a good chair. (There is a reason bosses don’t sit in cheap chairs)
  • Make a list. (Keep it short)
  • Put on headphones. (classical music or no music is best for focusing)


Check out the full image below or on Entrepreneur.com for more!


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