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11 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing

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11 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing

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11 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations
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If you are using email marketing, here are some ways to supercharge your marketing success. If you have not started with Email Marketing yet, you really need to get started. And, whether you are already using email marketing, or are getting ready to start, enjoy these 11 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing.


1) Have Great Content


What is great content? If you are not sure, think about what is really popular right now, and how or why it would be intriguing. What will inspire, motivate and educate your subscribers? What will make them love you with laughter?


2) Be Fun


Laughter is key. Sure you are marketing, but you do not need to bore your readers. Tickle their funny bones. Make them smile. Yes, you are a business, but you are doing business with people. And, people love to laugh.


3) Include Videos


You could try to make them laugh with a video, or you could just have a video that engages with them in another fashion. Video marketing is very powerful because of the intimacy. Other than being face-to-face in a conversation with your client, this is the next best thing.


4) Be Relevant


When you are conversing with your reader in your email, be relevant. People do not have the time or the patience to put up with silly, nonsensical banter. Be timely, pertinent and direct in the information that you provide people. They will appreciate it.


5) Give Away Powerful Information


This relevant information that you provide can be very powerful. You can help solve peoples’ problems, support them, help them save money, or countless other things. And, information creates more power when you give it away. It connects you to the reader because it is focused on them.

6) Focus on Them


You must always be focused on them, your target market. If you emails are littered with ‘we’, ‘we’, ‘we’, you should change up your messaging and more importantly, your mindset. Your messages need to be rich with ‘you’, ‘you’, ‘you’. You can maintain this focus by giving away bite-sized pieces of information.


7) Give Away Snacks


Even if the content in your email message is very market focused very relevant, the reader still needs it in small chucks. If you have a more complex topic to share, provide the reader a snack, or a summary, with a link to your website for them to learn more.


😎 Use Lists


A list is a great way to give away your snacks, and there are an infinite variety of lists that you can share. Examples might include: 3 Ways to Do This, 5 Secrets to This, 7 Ways to Save Money with ____. But do not just use lists.


9) Create Balance


Your messages should be balanced to accommodate all of your readers. Some people might like to read, while others might prefer pictures. The videos might be great for some, while others prefer lists. If you create a balance of the different types of content in your email marketing messages, you can create a very effective marketing tool.


10) Listen to Feedback


No strategy works all of the time, and even if something works very well, its effectiveness may decrease over time. Keep your finger on the pulse of your target market. Continue to learn from their feedback via direct comments, and indirect comments via their clicks, opens and share. Your market will provide you great insight, but you must listen and be ready to receive it.


11) Repeat


Finally, remember that marketing is a long-term investment. You must market again, and again and again. With repetition comes rapport building. And, this strategy requires a good email campaign management system, and CTCT has a great one in the Toolkit package.


Thanks for reading and I wish you greater success in your small business marketing. If you have not yet started with email marketing, click here, register with Constant Contact and get started. If you need some business coaching to put it into action to get more clients, and increase revenues, visit this page to learn more about my personalized business mentoring program.

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