13 Marketing Tips to Help Small Businesses Rock the Holidays

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13 Marketing Tips to Help Small Businesses Rock the Holidays

Christmas ShoutoutIt’s that wonderful time of year! If you’re a small business owner with a brick and mortar storefront, the holiday season is likely one of your busiest times of the year. If you’re like so many entrepreneurs, you thrive on excitement and activity. So this holiday season, put on your creative hat and have fun with the season.


Holiday marketing really can be a lot of fun. The more authentic you are in your preparations, the more you genuinely enjoy this time of year, and the more gratitude you have for your customers, the more your customers will feel your excitement and your genuine appreciation. And this means they will be more attracted to and more likely to buy from your business.


Below are 13 ways to get creative, to reach out and engage, to encourage sales, and to even give back this holiday season. So let’s get started!


  1. Holiday Hashtags. Go ahead, sprinkle a few hash tags in your social media posts to help spread your message. Some best bets include #ShopSmall, #SmallBusinessSaturday, #BlackFriday, #CyberMonday, #Celebration, #StockingStuffers, #HolidaySavings, #UniqueGifts. You can also create your own.
  2. Celebrate with an Openhouse! Host a Holiday Celebration at your storefront that is open to all your customers. Create a festive atmosphere, offer light refreshments, promote in-store specials and maybe even see if Santa or one of his helpers can make an appearance. 
  3. Holiday Sale.jpgTreat Your Best Customers. Host a Special Holiday Pre-Sale event for your best customers. Set aside a couple hours outside of your normal store hours and invite your best customers to a VIP shopping experience. Be sure to be fully staffed and to offer special hors d oeuvres and drinks.  
  4. Create a Unique Hashtag for each Holiday Event. If you’re having a Celebrate the Season event and will be offering cocoa and cookies and a great sale, use the same unique hashtag across all your marketing platforms: print ads, flyers, newsletter, signs, coupons and across social media. This allows your customers to join in the conversation and ties all the hoopla about your event together. Sample: #HoHoHoBusinessName
  5. Expand your Year-round Marketing Reach. For small businesses, 40% or more of their annual revenue may be recognized during the holiday season. By planning ahead, you can use the holidays to grow your email marketing list so you can stay in touch all year long. The simplest way? Ask. Let your customers know you’ll be periodically offering great specials and introducing new products throughout the year. If they’d like to be notified of these instore events, all they have to do is signup for your newsletter. As a special bonus, you can offer your customers a little something special, such as an extra discount or a little gift for signing up by setting up an auto-responder that sends new subscribers a welcome email with a special coupon just for signing up. 
  6. Make a Statement. Decorate your Storefront window to draw attention to YOUR store. How can you engage and attract new customers? Your options are endless: bold and colorful, fun, glitzy, a functioning train set, let your imagination be your guide. We hid a miniature elf in a different location in our Christmas village in our window display last year and gave gift cards to the first person to post on our Facebook page where the elf was hiding that day. It was a lot of fun.
  7. Tis the Season for Giving. Donate a percent of proceeds during a specific day’s sales, collect donations for a cause, and/or set a space for your favorite nonprofit organization to meet and greet your customers to raise awareness of their organization.
  8. Register for Small Business Saturday and utilize the marketing tools provided. Small Business Saturday is November 28th. Every small business should participate in this great day! Click here to get started.
  9. Create a Community Day.  Get together with other small businesses in your community and sponsor a special shopping day. Incorporate goodies, crafts or face painting for kids, or even a cookie walk where each store provides a different cookie and drink. Be creative and use email marketing and social media to market the day. Contact your local media for additional coverage.
  10. Host a Contest. If you’re feeling creative, host a contest and utilize social media to spread the word. Have your shoppers name your window display, guess how many holiday M&Ms are in the jar, or post what’s ‘missing’ or ‘wrong’ in your display. Remember that idea of a unique hashtag? Now’s the perfect time to create your own hashtag and use it.
  11. Holiday Shopper.jpgGifts for the Shopper.  Even though just about every shopper who walks through your doors during the holiday season might be ‘shopping for someone else,’ chances are they might also be more than willing to indulge in a little something extra for themselves… with a little nudge. Think about what products you offer that equate to relaxation and other self-gifting items. A little acknowledgement that the shopper deserves a little gift too can go a long way.
  12. Pick-a-discount. Put up a tree with ornaments that have either a dollar amount of savings or a percent off. Allow each customer to select one ornament when they are getting ready to checkout. This is a great idea for a special sales event.
  13. Make it Easy for Your Customers. Create one or more great baskets that your customers can ‘grab-and-go.’ Make your baskets unique. Take it a step further and offer custom baskets. Have a base price for the basket and offer 5-10% off for all the ‘fillings’ when they purchase over a certain dollar amount. It’s unique, it’s custom and the customer feels like they’re getting a bargain and giving a unique, personal gift.


Have fun! There’s so much energy in the air during the holiday season. More and more people are in good spirits and sharing their goodwill. But individuals also feel the stress of the holidays. Do your part to make their time in your store special. Be extra kind. Be sure to have enough staff – you may need some extra hands on board. Make sure your staff is well trained and accommodating. If your team is having to put in extra time, remember that they are spending time away from their families. Be appreciative, and if possible, share some of your holiday fortune.


Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. We’d love to hear of your holiday successes. #HolidaySuccess

If you’d like help with your holiday email marketing, let us help you get started. Contact us today.

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Re: 13 Marketing Tips to Help Small Businesses Rock the Holidays

It's very important doing something special in this days, for the clients and for the coworkers. Great post.+


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