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13 Steps to Look Like an Expert on LinkedIn

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13 Steps to Look Like an Expert on LinkedIn

Math Analysis.jpgMany people use LinkedIn because they want the world to know that they are an expert in their chosen field. Is that why you use LinkedIn? If so, then read on for my 13-step guide to looking like an expert on your Profile.


Step 1 is to edit your tagline to clearly promote yourself. Don’t just go for your job title, which is what LinkedIn will give you by default. Instead edit it and use some keywords that highlight your expertise. Just click the edit button next to your name and you can update your tagline.


Step 2 is to write a real Summary that explains what you’re darn good at. Take the time to explain what you do in a clear and concise fashion that makes a strong case for your talent. What have you done that’s magnificent? Yes, that could go in to your Awards or Achievements section, but this section is where people look first.


Step 3 is to flesh out descriptions of your Experience. Many will simply list out their past few jobs without writing anything about what they do or did at them. Be different. Lay out key responsibilities and projects that show you do what you want people to  know you for.


Step 4 is to list Certifications that matter. If you’re an expert in your field, then it would be fitting that you’ve been certified by a credible authority. Be sure to list a few that support your continuous learning.


Step 5 is to note your Education and list out any subjects that are in your field.


Step 6 is to add the Amazon Reading List app and show that you’re constantly reading books in your field. Be sure to note that you’ve read them and aren’t just reading them.


LinkedIn Amazon Reading List.jpg



Step 7 is to add SlideShare presentations app and post up some public decks that give a strong indication that you know your stuff. Share some really good info on the slides and people will not only be impressed but they’ll download them.


Step 8 is to add Skills and Expertise and, hopefully, the Endorsements will flow in. If not, then you might actually hint to some of those Connections who know you’re an Expert that it would be appreciate if they endorsed you.


Step 9 is, you guessed it, ask for Recommendations from those who’ve done business with you in your field of expertise. Hopefully, they could use some of your best keywords in their write-ups.


Getting winded yet? We’ve got 4 more steps to go. Hang in there, expert!


Step 10 is to link your Blog to your Profile and post to it regularly with juicy content that convinces people you are the real deal. Be sure to teach and don’t promote.


Step 11 is to go to LinkedIn’s Answers section and start answering questions in areas that are directly related to your field. Be really thoughtful and comprehensive in your replies again and again. As long as you’re answering questions you really know something about you should eventually get the nod from the person who posted the question as having provided the Best Answer. Do this and you’ll get this nice badge on your Profile.


LinkedIn Best Answer Snap.jpg


Step 12 is to add some Honors and Awards. You do have some, right?


Step 13 is to post up Events where you’ll be teaching on a topic that’s right up your alley. Showing that you’re a speaker makes for a nice impression.


Now I tell those in my classes that you don’t have to do all 13 steps to look like an expert, but if you will employ a majority of them you’ll go a long way towards achieving the goal.


If you have any tips to add, please post them below!

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Re: 13 Steps to Look Like an Expert on LinkedIn

The's the best of article really LinkedIn my favorite thank you very much HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS

for you and family..Icah Banjarmasin

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Re: 13 Steps to Look Like an Expert on LinkedIn

Although this was a very comprehensive article, it is not current. Just a month after you wrote this, LinkedIn discontinued Answers and Events. You can still answer questions asked in the groups you belong to, and you can still promote your events by simply posting a link in your updates.

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Re: 13 Steps to Look Like an Expert on LinkedIn



Hi. You're absolutely right. LinkedIn has undergone numerous changes since I posted this article. This is the blessing and the curse of social media. Just when you think you have a winning formula it all changes. That said there are still tips in the list which will work for the diligent person. Thanks for your comments!

Speak Well and Sell