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2 Easy Ways to Grow Your Facebook Fan Base

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2 Easy Ways to Grow Your Facebook Fan Base

17745506_xl.jpgDo you have a Facebook Page but hardly no one has liked it yet? Below you will find a couple easy ways to organically grow your Facebook fan base.


Invite People: Whether you’re using the Facebook Pages Manager mobile application or you are viewing Facebook via a browser (hopefully Chrome), the quickest and easiest way to grow your Facebook fan base is to invite your Facebook friends.


Where the button appears may vary depending on what dashboard Facebook has decided to give you; however, somewhere at the top of your page there should be a button that looks like three dots. It’s typically right next to the “Share” button.


Click on it and then click – “Invite Friends”. Your personal Facebook friends list should display on a pop up window.


The easiest way to invite all of your friends is to use the Facebook Invite All Chrome Extension. Trust me – it will save you a lot of time!


You can also invite all of your friends by individually selecting each one.


Collaborate with Other Page Managers: Another great way to grow your Facebook fan base is to collaborate with other Page Managers.


Reach out to companies who have a similar target market(s) and create marketing campaigns that promote both company’s products and services.


Some Examples:


  • Chamber of Commerce and member companies can work together to promote a specific event or cause by sharing and inviting people to a Facebook Event Page which is tied to ticket sales.
  • Pizza shops and ice cream stands can offer a limited time special offering one large pizza and a 99 cent ice cream cone. Each service discounts one item as a lost leader to bring the entire family in to the establishment.
  • Real estate companies can feature interior design professionals’ before and after photos with a blog write up of DIY instructions. The free information is traded for audience attention.


And the list goes on.


Note when collaborating with other entities, it’s important to include your social media marketer!