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2 Essentials to Be a Marketing Success Story

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2 Essentials to Be a Marketing Success Story

Marketing Ship of SuccessI have always believed that great marketing hinges on two key things for 99% of the business population. This is true no matter the season, holiday or political environment.


  1. Have a great product or at least know exactly where you fit in the market
  2. Do the basics well

1. A great product is all about knowing what and who you are - that simple. Do you make widgets? Are they the best widgets known to mankind or do they fit a place in the market and are the least expensive in class? Are you a landscaper in Florida where there are more landscapers than plants? You had better be really good or have a niche.


Take your own pulse and know where you fit into the overall and/or local market. Don’t try to be something you’re not. But, if you are the best, do not hesitate to take full advantage and tell the world of your awesomeness. After all, if you’re a badass, own it.


2. Do the basics well. I am fairly certain that at least one client of mine a week tells me that a new social media outlet is “taking off” and that “we had better not miss out” on the opportunity. Yes, every once in awhile something new does do very well and that’s exciting, but it does not mean you should care…. yet. If your time is limited and your marketing dollars are even more limited, focus on what works. Use the tried and true and don’t forget the old KISS adage – Keep it Simple Stupid. Focus on what matters and look to see what is working for competitors and others in your space. If something is really gaining traction (like reviews on Google Places) get involved, if not, ignore it. Here are the areas that most local businesses should focus on today: 

  1. A nice, clean website that is search engine optimized
  2. A Google Places and Bing Places presence with a goal of getting quality reviews and posting great photos (mainly for local service based businesses)
  3. A Facebook Page – Post at least 2-3 times a week and keep the posts personal to your business. Boost posts to current Page Likes and once in awhile, if content warrants, Boost to a targeted audience (Boost by $2-5 per post)
  4. Email marketing – The stats are everywhere because they are legit. If you consistently grow your list and maintain customer relationships, you win (frequency, consistency and meaning).
  5. Make sure if you are a location based business that every website other than Google such as YellowPages have the same exact address and business information (Try to make sure your listings are accurate)
  6. Others that depend on your business and time: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube

Not sure how to do something well mentioned above? Yes, we have all been there and there is a simple answer, Google it (or email me of course!). Look for businesses in your sector across the country and find what they are doing on Facebook, sign up for their email list, and really spend some time looking at how they try to engage their audience. Very few businesses are perfect, but everyone has a great idea here and there. Be the center of those great ideas.

Jake Burns
An award-winning, Master Certified partner and is the founder of SouthDirekt, a Tampa-based internet marketing firm.
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