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3 Apps for Small Business Owners for Effective Time Management


3 Apps for Small Business Owners for Effective Time Management


Apps on your smart phones can provide quick solutions to better manage your time.  Since most of us are stretched for time, effective time management is key.  Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference.  The best part about smart phones are the apps that make life a little easier.  You use apps for your personal stuff, why not see how apps can make your business life more sufficient as well? 


Effective time management is key these days and when you’re on the go without your computer, smart phones are the next best thing.   We found a few mobile apps that can make your life a little easier and manage your time more efficiently.    


3 Apps for Small Business Owners for Effective Time Management:

  1. Maps
  2. MobileDay™
  3. WriteThat.Name

Google Maps for Android or iPhone’s version these apps are great when you don’t know where you are going whether it be in your car or on foot, these apps will help you get to where you need to go.  In addition, they will find the quickest way to get there.   


From the road or on the go, eliminate the hassle of dialing, remembering codes, and writing down conference details with MobileDay™ .  Available FREE for iPhone and Android, this App will look through your calendar, reminding you of the call, and with one click calling the conference line and dial any necessary codes for you.


What of the biggest road blocks we find when on the road is not having access to contact information in our phones. The app solves this problem. The recognizes the contact details in your incoming emails and adds them to your address book, and if you already have the information it will update the file with the most current information.  This is a free app for 20 contacts a month. 


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