3 Benefits of Facebook Ads

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3 Benefits of Facebook Ads

FB-ads.jpgIt is no secret that Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world with over 1 billion users.  Can you imagine just being able to reach out to a fraction of those 1 billion users to tell them about your business?  What would that do for your business?  If utilized properly the benefits Facebook Ads provide to businesses are endless and will drive the right type of potential customers to your website’s door.  Here are 3 amazing benefits Facebook Ads provide for small and large businesses alike.


1. Retargeting


What is retargeting?  Also known as “remarketing,” retargeting is when online advertising uses information from a previous web search to influence ads on future websites visited.  How does this work?  When a user visits other websites, a cookie is created on their computer with that website’s data.   Later on, that same user visits Facebook like they do several times a day.  Facebook is able to read those cookies and use that information to place ads from the websites the user was previously on that day or days before.  Keeping product engagement after the consumer has left your website is a huge benefit Facebook Ads offer your business.  It’s the very reason you see ads for the products you recently searched for.  And, this benefit is available to all businesses using Facebook’s advertising platform.


2. Audience Engagement


Facebook users share mostly everything about themselves over their profiles. It is the easiest way for users to tell their friends what is going on in their lives.  If they’re happy, sad, overwhelmed, where they are going on their next vacation, or something as simple as they are sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.  This real-time data is insanely valuable to marketers and is used by Facebook’s algorithm to direct the appropriate Facebook Ads, giving businesses the opportunity to get in front of these users at the most opportune moments.  In addition, Facebook has many different variables available to the marketer to target, including age, gender, income, location, and most importantly interests.  


3. Word-of-Mouth


For decades word-of-mouth has been considered the best form of advertising for businesses.  If potential consumers hear good things from their friends and family they are more likely to try the product or service.  When a user clicks the like button on a product or service page, that action is shared with all of their friends.  Instead of the user only telling their core group of friends that they like something they are telling a large extended network of friends.  Take a look at how many Facebook friends you have that is how many are going to see that you like “XYZ” product, if only a portion of your friends look at that and like it as well you are hitting a customer base you never could have imagined.


The benefits of social media marketing should never be undervalued, and nowhere is that more important than with the benefits Facebook Ads provide.  There is an old advertising quote "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."  Facebook has changed the way you advertise your business, instead of blindly putting ads out in the public hoping for a response.  They put your ads in front of the people who are looking for products and services that you offer and those consumers share that information with all their Facebook friends.  Making the benefits of Facebook Ads go way beyond just one click.

Have you been successful with Facebook ads? What made your Facebook ad so successful?  

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