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3 Copywriting Tips That Makes Perfect Sense

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3 Copywriting Tips That Makes Perfect Sense

Even when people sense you are tense!


If you write the marketing copy in the present tense, then you are likely to get a better response. By that I mean, your direct marketing copy will fall short of the mark when you make far off, distant promises.GettingTense.jpg


For example -

Our product will make your cookies sweeter.

Our concept will make you sell more.

Our program will make you move up the corporate ladder. 


The “Right” way

When you use the present tense, you keep the promise and the payoff close to the reader - right here, right now and get it today!


My colleagues in direct marketing always look for words that work for more dollars. The present tense offers the reader immediate satisfaction, now, and not in the future.


Now, look at the simple corrections made to each of the three previous sentences creating immediate action.


Our product makes your cookies sweeter.

Our concept makes you richer.

Our program makes you reach that promotion.


Tomorrow always seems to be here before you know it. The present tense has the most direct marketing or mail potential for record breaking sales because it is here today, ready to sell and to deliver on every promise.


I hope you made sense out of my little play upon the word tense. Remember, direct marketing copy pulls the reader in and makes an offer to get the sale now.


I know some marketers say, “having a lot of people on the fence waiting to buy makes perfect sense.” Why wait when you can have the present tense working for you every day?” Now, that makes perfect sense!


Thanks for reading and please share with others, except your competition.


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