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3 Great Ways to Market Your Business Using Technology


3 Great Ways to Market Your Business Using Technology

There is no doubt that technology plays a big part in marketing your business these days. 

Technology has created some fascinating new ways of connecting brands with consumers. Just think about how you can now connect socially with your consumers on Facebook and really see who is interested in your products/ services.  Technology has allowed you to get a more personal approach to analyzing your business.


Here are 3 ways you can use technology to impact your marketing:

1. Hyper Targeting

2. Mobile: Codes and Spot Targeting

3. Social Analytics


While targeted advertising has been around for a while, today the big thing is to make ads super specific.

With online capabilities to “follow” consumer online-search habits and digital footprint means we can better profile consumers habits and preferences. This is a huge opportunity to hyper target your advertising. Take advantage of this knowledge and turn it into dollars.


Mobile codes or Quick Response (QR) codes are the little black-and-white pixilated squares commonly found in print ads, on products, on business cards, and even stitched into fabric you have now begun to see everywhere. If you have a phone with a camera and the right kind of reader app, you can scan a QR code to display text, contact information, or open a Web page.


You can use the Quick Response bar code to make it easy for the consumer to download information about your products, services and how to reach you.


Use social analytics tools to your advantage. There are great analytics tools that help brands engage with customers and potential customers on social networks. Take Facebook as an example, you can run ads on Facebook and look at the analytics to see who clicked on your ad and if they “liked” your page etc.


How can you market your business effectively using technology?

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Re: 3 Great Ways to Market Your Business Using Technology

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