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3 Reasons you should have a 'read more' action in your newsletter

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3 Reasons you should have a 'read more' action in your newsletter

So you've decided to share an article in your email newsletter. But do you share the entire article or just a portion? Determining the right amount of text to share is critical to maximize engagement. Writing too much can instantly turn readers away and writing too little can put you at risk of not providing enough information. Below are 3 key reasons why you should always have a link to 'read more' in your email newsletter.


1. Visuals - Less truly is more. By only including a portion of the article in your newsletter, your email will be much more visually appealing and also friendly for your mobile viewers. 


2. Tracking - you'll never know how many people were really looking at that content unless you have a way to track that information. Give youtself 48 hours after sending your email to track your click-throughs.


3. Follow-Up - once you know who's clicked to 'read more' in your email newsletter, you can now implement a follow-up strategy with those that are most interested in your content. 


Keep these 3 things in mind when writing your next email newsletter and you'll be sure to maximize your results.

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