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3 Social Media Marketing Trends You Need Now!

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3 Social Media Marketing Trends You Need Now!




Did you know that "one out of every 5 minutes online is spent on a social media network where women 15 and above spend 6.5 hours on average"?  Did you also know that that is an hour and a half more than men do?  Or that the fasting growing demographic is men over 65?


Of that time spent online, about 75% is spent on Facebook, but some other Social Media networks are growing, like Pinterest.  I do spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest myself and follow some brands on there.


Leading US Social Media Sites.png

Now that you know where most people are on Social Media?  What should you do?  Awareness, Inc has detailed the top 3 social media investment priorities for you!




1.  Expand social media presences across variable platforms.  I've said it many times before, you need to be where your customers and prospects are!  *On a sidenote, if you are utilizing our Social Media bar at the top of your emails, you can see where your contacts are sharing your messages.


2.  Increase content marketing creation.  It's great to stay on top of mind with your customers and prospects. Creating content isn't always easy, so here is a content marketing checklist to help you out!


3.  Invest in better, more efficient social marketing management and monitoring tools.  You will want a way to be able to reach out to everyone who is talking about your company and what you offer.  There are free tools like Hootsuite that can help you with that.


Heidi offers many other useful tips in her post, so check out 3 Social Media Marketing Trends You Need Now!