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3 Social Media Mistakes You're Making

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3 Social Media Mistakes You're Making

Navigating the realm of social media can sometimes be a confusing and difficult task. What's effective or appropriate for some brands may wind up being detrimental to others. Finding that right balance can be tricky. But there are certain things all brands would be smart not to repeat. So be sure to avoid these three social media faux pas to ensure you don't strike yourself out!

1) Missing Connections: Brands that fail to establish a clear strategy for piloting their online presence will surely fall into trouble when it comes to managing their many accounts. Because certain social media platforms attract different types of audiences, an undefined strategy can lead to neglected accounts, lost connections, and unsatisfied followers. If you're going to sign up for a particular social media platform, know exactly how best to use it and incorporate that knowledge into your online strategy to make the most of its service. Similarly, if you've tried an account and have found it difficult to maintain, it may be in your best interests to eliminate it from your overall strategy.

2) Lack of Quality Control: There's a reason there are so many different types of social media platforms that are as popular amongst users as they are important for your brand's online presence. Each style of social media presents information in unique ways, which then attracts specific types of followers. Instagram and Pinterest users tend to be attracted by visual content, Twitter users by a constant flow of trending topics, Facebook by a slower flow, etc. So once you've got a strategy in place for your different platforms, make sure to tailor your content to the appeals of each platform, choosing quality posts for each audience. Often, brands make the mistake of linking accounts that aren't suited for one another—like when their Twitter feeds appear on Facebook, causing a flooding effect on the user's feed. Knowing the when, what time, and how often of posts is crucial for maintaining an attractive social media presence.

3) Negativity: As always, do your best to keep it upbeat. Nothing has been shown to sour followers more than a negative attitude. People have enough difficulty in their everyday and working lives, so the last thing they need is another unenthusiastic presence. That's not to say that you should sugar coat your image at the expense of your authentic personality. Remaining genuine is also incredibly important. So if you're brand is known and beloved for its snarky, mean-muggin' attitude, then by all means embrace it. But do so in a way that isn't offensive or downright unpleasant—err on the side of playfulness, for humor is one thing but being irritating is a whole other!

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Alicia Williams