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3 Things You Should Know About Small Businesses

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3 Things You Should Know About Small Businesses

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3 Things You Should Know About Small Business: March 9

By: Laurie Kulikowski


1. You're getting your product sold by major retailers.  It's great if this is happening for you. Just make sure that you're able to meet demand and able to please your distributor.  Try to sell your product in more than one place. Be hands-on and try not to include middlemen to keep in contact with distributors and get your product in the door.


2. Green start-ups are eligible for VC fund.  "A private fund in partnership with the Small Business Administration plans to commit $75 million to start-ups geared toward eco-friendly themes such as recycling, solar energy, sustainable agriculture and food safety".


3. The House has passed small-business capital formation package.  On Thursday, March 8th, the House of Representative passed legislation for expanding to capital for small businesses.  A top issue is Job Creation, but passing the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (the JOBS Act) in the senate is challenging.


What is going on in your small business world lately?

Do any of the above 3 points really speak to you?