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3 Time Saving Tips for Creating Killer Content

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3 Time Saving Tips for Creating Killer Content

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When you have to create content for your job, it can take a lot out of you.  Kim states especially if you work at home. All of a sudden those household chores are more appealing then writing a blog post.  Even here, when we repurpose content, it's tough sometimes to find everything we need. But thanks to Kim, I now have these 3 tips which will even help me!


1. Create an Editorial Calendar: This helps you so that you have a plan for what you can write about.  Once you have a plan, it's much easier to get your posts done.


2. Use a list of themes to keep your writing on track: We actually work with our Marketing Department on this.  They tell us what the theme is for the month, and then we go with it.  For July, it was mobile.


3.  Read in your niche: Now, this one is pretty easy for us, it's small businesses and nonprofits. I receive blog posts in my account and everyday I go through this to find posts to share with you via the Community and our Twitter handle, @CTCTHelp


What helps you to create killer content to share with your readers?


Check out the full post, "3 Time Saving Tips for Creating Killer Content".

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Re: 3 Time Saving Tips for Creating Killer Content

Before writing content, keep in mind that you are an entrepreneur and you want to help or add value to others in some way. Writing informative content in a FAQ pattern is always in demand. Learn how you can best benefit your target audience. Once you get a clear message on what your target audience is looking for, develop content they will connect you with your customers.