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3 Tips to Stay Motivated

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3 Tips to Stay Motivated



It's not easy to stay motivated day in and day out.  Entrepreneur shared 3 tips to help keep you motivated.  I know I could use some motivation some days!  


1. Start a support group.  Starting a support group may help you find others who are too afraid to speak up regarding how they're feeling.  Then you can all lean on one another to help each other throughout your endeavors.


2. Pick up a hobby you are terrible at. By working on something you're not very good at, you become motivated to do better and improve.  


3. Create a wall of positivity. I remember a girl who used to work here at Constant Contact used to cut up pictures and phrases of goals and hang them up in her cube.  This is the same thing, surround yourself with positivity and you'll be positive.  Same goes with people.


What keeps you motivated? Share with us here!


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Re: 3 Tips to Stay Motivated

Watch powerful movies where the plot revolves around sheer willpower and determination. Shawshank redemption comes to mind. Upon finishing that movie, I'm always ready to tackle the world. I've seen it about 7 times and it never fails to motivate me. 

Here are some more motivational tips for you. 

Mike Donovan
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Re: 3 Tips to Stay Motivated

Set achievable goals each day and try to accomplish that on that very day, that will gives you motivation to work hard to complete the task in time. Connect with people who are successful in their lives, reading their stories and meeting them will inspire you. People work better with other people encouraging them and supporting them. Join those teams.