3 Tools to Turn Website Traffic Into Customers + A Secret Bonus Tip

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3 Tools to Turn Website Traffic Into Customers + A Secret Bonus Tip

privy-pop.jpegWebsites are like islands. They sit in the middle of a vast ocean and you need some type of transportation to get to them – think search engines, paid ads, offline promotion, email marketing and on and on and on. But after you take all that time and money to get people to your island, what are you doing to turn them from a casual visitor to a likely patron? Here are three surefire ways to capture visitor details to close the deal either today or over time.


  1. Popup Email Address Capture – Yes, some people find them annoying, but adding a lightbox for the first time a visitor enters your site is the easiest way to capture their information. These simple popup forms capture loads more contacts than the normal footer based signup. Keep your form short (Name and Email) and offer something of interest – a discount code, an e-book, or something more creative. Here is a lightbox our company found for use on WordPress sites. It allows you to embed a Constant Contact form directly in it (https://wordpress.org/plugins/jazz-popups/).


  1. Vcita – Do you have a service based business? Vcita is the perfect way to turn an engaged site visitor into a hot lead. Vcita starts at the oh so low price of FREE and offers you the ability plug and play a contact and scheduling module at the bottom of your site. Potential customers can contact you directly via the form overlay. http://www.vcita.com/


  1. Privy – Here’s a company that is offering some very interesting tools that integrate with Constant Contact. Privy offers email signup popups, but in addition, also offers targeting based on exit intent, geography, and more. http://www.privy.com/website-widget/


Now for the secret bonus tip: Constant Contact recently updated their Autoresponder in Toolkit (How to use the Autoresponder: https://youtu.be/V3xZgUNPQnA). Take advantage of it by sending a series of eletters over time to continually engage the lead. Do not send an email every day for 5 days – send 5 emails over 30-60 days instead. And, make every email count. Use a step by step thought process to build your business credibility and ultimately get a meeting or a closed sale.


Image courtesy Privy.com


Jake Burns
An award-winning, Master Certified partner and is the founder of SouthDirekt, a Tampa-based internet marketing firm.
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