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3 Ways Pinterest Can Damage Your Small Business

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3 Ways Pinterest Can Damage Your Small Business

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By now, I'm sure most of you have heard about Pinterest. You might be using it personally or for your business.  If you're using it for your business, TJ McCue has 3 things you should do to protect yourself that are definitely worth checking out.


Guard your brand


TJ states that you should "limit your liability by only pinning or posting images that you own or have licensed."  There are huge differences between using Pinterest on a personal vs professional level.  A great post to read on this is "How Brands Can Use Pinterest Without Breaking the Law" by Brian Heidelberger, Ad Age. 


You can insert "no pin" codes on your website and blog posts to stop anyone else from pinning your images.  TJ informs us that Flickr has instituted a no pin rule for all its photos unless they are not copyrighted.


Read the terms of service


This is huge and is something that I'm going to say is done rarely.  You should read the terms of service especially if your business is going to be on Pinterest. There are different rules for consumers than there are for businesses. 


Watch the links


Did you know that Pinterest is using a company called Skimlinks and when you click a link, Pinterest actually earns money from your sale?  Another post by VentureBeat suggests that Pinterest is "automatically swapping out the links behind product pins."  They are adding their own affiliate code to some links that don't already have them.  So if you are using Pinterest, make sure to test your links to make sure they are in fact directing to your online store.


Read TJ's full post "3 Ways Pinterest Can Damage Your Small Business" to learn how to better protect yourself and your company.

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