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3 Ways Small Business Can Use Evernote

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3 Ways Small Business Can Use Evernote

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Evernote is a daily planner, organizer, project manager, teamwork facilitator as well as a note taker, all in one.  Who wouldn't love that?  There are both free and premium ($5/month, $45/year) versions that you can download.  It all depends on what you need.


But you're probably asking, "How can this help me as a small business owner?"  Read on to find out!


1.  Take meeting notes: The Notebooks features makes you organize your notes, this way you can find them later

2.  Make it your virtual filing cabinet:  "The Stacks feature lets you store related notebooks together" per Nick Narodny, a co-founder and the senior VP of business training at Grovo

3.  Manage projects on the go: With Evernote, you can sync across many platforms - desktops, laptop, iPad, or Smartphone.


What do you use to help you manage your files?

Check out Kevin Casey's full article for more details on Evernote "How to Use Evernote for your Small Business"