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4 Apps to Revolutionize Your Online Marketing

Participating Solution Provider

4 Apps to Revolutionize Your Online Marketing


Not only do we manage social media, digital reputations, and websites for our clients... but we have to keep up with our own stuff too!

Today, Kapeesh is sharing our top 4 favorite apps to help us manage our online marketing. We hope you'll check them out and reap the rewards as well.


Buffer App

Buffer allows you tosave the great content you find online and schedule it to post across all your social media accounts at the most optimal times during the day. We suggest choosing a day out of your week to schedule all your posts - then let your accounts run on auto-pilot! This doesn't take care of the commenting and interactions for you, but it certainly frees up hours of your day to handle more important issues.



Choose your industry topics or subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds - have content delivered to your Feedly account. From here, you can share content across your social media accounts, forward it on through email, or save it for later! Use both Feedly and Buffer to create a powerhouse duo of great, sharable content and hands-free posting.



Whether it's brainstorming your next project, keeping an online journal, collaborating with your Evernote team members, or snapping and saving important documents; Evernote is worth its virtual weight in gold. Our team uses it to collect design ideas, brainstorm blog posts, and snap photos of expense receipts. Those recipts can be tagged/labeled, organized, and made ready for tax season!


IFTTT (rhymes with gift)

Use IFTTT to create custom recipes - actions that make the internet work for you! When the weather's bad, have your phone text you an umbrella reminder. When you schedule a client meeting in Google Calendar, have Google Docs automatically set up a meeting notes template so you're ready to go with little preparation. We use recipes for cross-platform publishing: When a video is posted to our Instagram account, it's automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter. The possibilities are nearly limitless with IFTTT. Check it out today!

Do you have an app that you just can't function without? How does it help your business get through the day?

I live and breathe small business marketing. Ask me about social media or digital reputation management over lunch, and we'll be there until dinner. Aside from consulting and educating business owners, my passions are martial arts, cooking, office supply collecting, and volunteering. Outside of my own community, I serve as Marketing Director for the 03XX Foundation - an organization serving Marine Corps Infantrymen and Corpsmen.