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4 Benefits of Using LinkedIn Pages for Marketing

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4 Benefits of Using LinkedIn Pages for Marketing

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Is your company using LinkedIn's new Company pages for Marketing?  You should be.  According to B2C, 2 people join LinkedIn every second.  It is the world's largest professional networking social site.


HubSpot shared an ebook that lists the following 4 benefits for using LinkedIn's pages for marketing.


1. Company Reach - Your employees who are on LinkedIn are already listing your company in their profile. If you have a Company Page, now your employees are linking to it. So anytime someone views their information, that is an opportunity for them to also view you.


2. Product Awareness - "You can list multiple products/services on different pages and see which pages are getting the most visitation and interaction".


3. Search Engine Optimization - Did you know that LinkedIn Jobs appear in search results and on Twitter?  LinkedIn is its own job search engine as well. If you're not listing jobs there, you could be missing valuable employees.


4. Lead Generation - You can link back to your website for your products and content that you are sharing on your LinkedIn Company Page.


Do you use LinkedIn's Company Pages?

Let us know what you like and don't like about them!


Check out the full post "How LinkedIn Company Pages Work Like Magic for B2B Marketers".

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Well said Marissa! LinkedIn being the largest and well-kn...

Well said Marissa! LinkedIn being the largest and well-known professional’s social network, provide great opportunity for businesses to target wealthy and influential demographic. And I feel one of the key benefits of LinkedIn profiles is corporate promotion even Google loves LinkedIn for creating Brand awareness. 

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Re: 4 Benefits of Using LinkedIn Pages for Marketing

LinkedIn is a business networking social media platform that allows businesses and employees to interact for professional development. LinkedIn has over 100 million members, making it an indispensable resource for businesses looking to expand its web presence. Here are three ways in which LinkedIn can help your Online marketing strategy.

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. Branding and Thought Leadership

3. LinkedIn Applications

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Re: 4 Benefits of Using LinkedIn Pages for Marketing

Even in today's technology marketplace, many entrepreneurs are overlooking the value of social sites such as LinkedIn.


The biggest problem I witness, after not being present at all, is people who use fail to use all the company pages have to offer.


Company pages can acknowledge a good employee, a promotion, post job openings and announce new products. You can link to special offers and marketing campaigns on your website. The Insights are valuable in showing who is visiting your company pages and products.


All my clients are strongly encouraged to add LinkedIn company pages to their marketing strategy.


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