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4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Meeting

Honored Contributor

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Meeting

Entrepreneur.png shared an article that listed 4 questions that you should ask yourself before you step into a meeting. These are questions that pertain to you and can help you gain some time back in your day.


  1. What vital purpose can I play at this meeting to make something productive happen?
  2. What contributions can I deliver during this meeting that will add the greatest value?
  3. What potential challeges could surface and make it hard for me/us to have a successful meeting and achieve the results we need?
  4. Which of my specific challenges and opportunities can I bring focus and attention to during the meeting?

These 4 questions will improve the quality of your meetings and the outcome.


Check out the full article, "How to Hack Your Work Schedule to Create 28% More Productivity".