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4 Quick Tips to Improve A Facebook Page

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4 Quick Tips to Improve A Facebook Page

As difficult as Facebook makes it for Page owners to get visibility on the massive network I still find it a worthy challenge to keep engagement up and new fans coming. I’m always looking for ways to make my Page look or perform better. To that end here are 4 quick tips for you.


  1. Add the date you founded the business. Do this by adding a Milestone Status update. Add the year and month you began. This will instantly create an anchor for your Timeline. What this does is activate the scheduling feature on your Page. See in the picture below that a little clock has appeared. That allows you to post-date your Status updates. This comes in handy when you’re going to be off Facebook for a while or you’re working odd hours and don’t want to post at that time.

Facebook Scheduling Feature.jpg


2. Edit your tabs. You can have up to 12 tabs on your Page. The first two are fixed as Photos and Events. After that it’s up to you what goes where, how they are explained and what image will represent each one. To activate these features, click the down arrow to reveal all of your tabs. Then, hover over the corner of the tab you want to edit. The pencil will appear in the upper right corner as you can see in the picture below. Click on it and you’ll see edit tab. Click on that, then you can change the image and add a custom title.


Facebook Tab Editing.jpg


3. Add, then remove a link in Status updates. When you add a link to a Page post Facebook then goes to that website and grabs a portion of it to highlight beneath the text of your post. You can choose a thumbnail if Facebook found more than one, then you would hit Post to finish it up. What most page owners do is add the link to the status update, then leave it there. You don’t need to! Once Facebook finds the linked page and adds it to your post you can delete the link in the text portion making your post just a little cleaner and classier in my opinion. I mean some links are long and ugly. Why keep them there after they’ve done their job? In the picture below you can see a snippet from my website with no link in the text portion.


Facebook Page Post Sans Link.jpg


4. Post items for discussion. I find that many of my most popular posts are ones where I ask the community what they think about a matter. For me since I’m a business coach I always post items about small business strategy, marketing, sales, etc. Recently I posted the opening line from an unsolicited sales letter I received and asked the community what they thought of it. I received a lot of Comments about this short and simple question. That’s key that it was simple to understand and weigh in on. Remember that Facebook is distracting by nature so don’t make your discussions too heavy. The picture below shows the post, which represents many times more engagement than my typical one-way post where I’m not asking for an opinion.


Facebook Post Community Engagement.jpg


These are four of my favorite tips to have a better performing Facebook Page. Are they helpful to you? Let me know! Do you have a tip to share with me and the community here? Let us know!


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Re: 4 Quick Tips to Improve A Facebook Page

If you want to earn numerous likes on Facebook, you must know the right ways of attracting the visitors, so you must not just post dry and dull topics related to your business and industry news, but try making your page fun filled and informative, along with the relevant pictures and images.