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4 Social Media Lessons SMBs Can Learn From IBM

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4 Social Media Lessons SMBs Can Learn From IBM

Even though I know a lot of our Constant Contact Small Businesses are starting to become more comfortable on Social Media, there are a few out there who are still pretty wary.  And that's ok.  You don't want to be on Social Media just for the sake of being on it.  You want to provide great content and engagement with your fans and followers.


Lisa Barone sat down with Ed Abrams of IBM to talk about how IBM uses Social Media.  And even though IBM is a big corporation, the methods are all the same for small businesses when it comes to Social Media.


Key Takeaways:


1.  We Must Accept That The Conversation Has Shifted

      No longer are we to just push out communications to the media. We need to engage with our audience, where our

      audience is.

2.  Search Drives Decisions

      You want to create content on Social Media so that your customers can find you when they do searches for you.

3.  The Power of Social Media Is Real-Time Feedback

      This is the best way to get customer feedback!  Real-Time Feedback is a must! Customers like to know that they're

      being heard.

4.  The Biggest Social Media Inhibitor = Fear of Having Nothing to Talk About

     Don't be afraid to start a conversation.  Just make sure you continue to have one with your customers.  Ed states

     that he provides pre-written messages that the company wants to get out there and that helps everyone on Social



  • So tell me, how do you stay engaged on Social Media?
  • Was it hard for you to get started?
  • Are you doing Social Media?
  • How is it working?

Share your thoughts with us here!


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