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4 Steps to Create a Social Listening Strategy

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4 Steps to Create a Social Listening Strategy

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Is your business thinking about social analytics?  Per Sandy Martin, "the first step when considering social analytics is to establish a learning strategy."


Listening is huge for this!  Her are her 4 tips!


1.  Determine your target audience

Once you know who you want to target, you need to do it where they are.  Engage them there!


2.  Identify the influencers

The type of people you follow on Twitter or friend on Facebook is more important then the number of followers or friends you have.  If your friends/followers like to share your content and post positive feedback about it, that will help you get higher scores (ie Klout).


3.  Know the keywords and trends

What words are important to your Company and brand?  Follow those!  For us, we follow "Constant Contact" and even "#constantcontact" on Twitter.  This helps us to identify who is talking about us and if they need help, we reach out!  It's also a good idea to follow your competitor's keywords to find out what is going on with them.


4. Form a social business strategy

Decide how you're going to follow up with those who reach out to you.  Are you going to create a feedback group to help enhance feature requests, etc.


Check out the full post by Sandy Carter "4 Steps to Create a Social Listening Strategy"


What are you doing to make sure you're engaging with your customers where they are?

What social networks are you using?

Is Constant Contact helping you reach those you want to interact with?