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4 Ways Small Businesses Are Automating Their Emails

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4 Ways Small Businesses Are Automating Their Emails

Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or a seasoned campaigner, you’re probably familiar with the term “automation”. In fact, it’s probably something you’re already doing in a really simple way with email autoresponders.Think of your "Welcome Email". When someone signs up to receive your emails, they automatically receive a welcome email thanking them for signing up. Simple right?


In it's simplistic definition, an Autoresponder is an email you create and send to a contact or list of contacts, in the order and frequency you decide. The series will launch after you add a contact to a list - by you, OR if they opt-into your list through one of your online sign-up form(s). 


Now lets say you could automatically send that interested customer another email, what would you say?


Here are 4 real-world examples of how businesses are automating their emails.


1. BIRTHDAY MESSAGES - A single-step campaign that triggers a customer an email on the morning of their birthday or the month of their birthday. This is an excellent way to build relationships with customers. For best effect, ensure the message has a personal touch and include a special offer in the email as a way of saying “happy birthday”.




2. COUPON MESSAGES - How many times have you been at the register about to pay for your goods when the cashier asks for your email. This is one way to grow your list yes, but why not take it a step further? Provide them with an instant wow experience. Upon submitting this new email address, an autoresponder immediately sends them an email with 10% off coupon they can use right then and there. The value of the coupon, plus the instant gratification can generate future sales.




3. EVENT MANAGEMENT - As a speaker, I conduct many seminars and webinars as part of my business model. I can say first hand that automation is a huge time saver when it comes to managing communications for an event. Event campaigns begin by triggering a thank you / confirmation email to someone immediately after submitting their event registration form. I follow up with an event reminder email to registrants on pre-determined dates before the event. A final step I take, is to trigger a post event survey and or thank you email to attendees 1 day after the event.




4. WELCOME EMAIL SERIES - Have you thought about another email you'd send out to follow your welcome email? What if you sent them a second email 3 days later letting them know of your social media channels? Maybe a third email goes out a couple of days later to include a success story, customer testimonials etc. With a welcome email series, you want to paint a picture of what life would be like working with you. 


Autoresponders can be an incredible addition to your email marketing program. Remember to keep it simple, don't over-think it, capture your voice in each email, and make sure to test the autoresponder.


Ready to get started with your first Autoresponder? Download my Free Guide Now: 4 Simple Ideas to Get Your First Autorepsonder Series Up & Running Fast!





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