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4 reasons to use Telemarketing

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4 reasons to use Telemarketing

CTCT-COMMUNITY-BLOG-POST-1.jpgI am updating our courses for CISCO a big telecom company in the US and found very interesting information regarding Telemarketing that can be shared with you. I selected it because there were no posts regarding this topic and marketing campaigns need to be turbo charged by telemarketing. A service that you can layer with Constant Contact. If after reading you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to tweet me @fernandzuili


1. It’s the biggest response driver.

If your company is primarily interested in capturing market share, outbound telemarketing can be a great solution. Outbound telemarketing can, under the right circumstances, contact and secure a yes or no from much as 85 to 95 percent of the available universe. No other media even comes close. It ´s been proved time and again that adding an 800 number response option to a promotion will almost always lift response, sometimes by 25 percent or more. In addition, inbound 800 selling provides the opportunity to up sell and dramatically increase client order values.

One of the great lessons of direct Marketing is that the possibility to schedule a meeting with the prospective client increases. And the speed in which you respond back meeting with them increases the sale opportunity. It even beats the Internet much of the time, because with telemarketing a live telemarketer assist the client and prepares him for the next steps by asking all the right questions, and making sure everything is correct.


2. Drives new and existing clients to your business.

Telemarketing's most important role is to deliver qualified leads to sales. So how can marketing attract the people who are going to buy? Your mission in telemarketing is to help sales avoid the uphill battle when faced with a "qualified client". Finding and nurturing clients is undeniably the most important activity previous to sales success.

You must invest time daily, regularly, in finding new clients through outbound prospecting. This is the 20 percent of your time that will bring you the 80 percent of your income. Nothing is more important than investing your time in creating new leads, pursuing leads and following up on potential opportunities- all efforts that result in more clients. The creation of new clients qualifies as a direct income- producing activity.


3. Is the perfect media to use for the product, offer and list testing

Telemarketing is the perfect media to use for the product, offer and list testing. It has the mail beat cold. When you test in the mail there is a tremendous amount of up-front planning. A minimum direct mail test cell typically involves using 5,000 names. That requires small and expensive print runs. The copy has to be cleared well in advance, and then it takes time for the response to trickle in. Worst of all, there really is nothing you can do with the results until you plan your next campaign, which may be months away.

Clearly telemarketing has numerous advantages; there is much less time required to launch a telemarketing test than direct mail. There is no minimum required other than you will need to ensure significance. The only real issues are to ensure that the test-cell names have been properly coded so that you can track the results and rewrite the scripts to include any changes you want to test.

Once you confirm the winning combination among your test cells, you can move all the remaining names into that group, thus maximizing your profits immediately.  You certainly can’t do that with direct mail.


4. Is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to test.

Telemarketing is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to test. For these reasons, is the media of choice to dry test a new product concept. Dry testing is a market research technique that involves offering a product for sale over the phone while it is still in the development stage.  You can test price, offer structure and interest in features and benefits along these lists.


I am always glad to know shared experiences, hope you can share yours. Tweet me @fernandzuili

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