5 Benefits of Taking a "Coffee Break"

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5 Benefits of Taking a "Coffee Break"

Many of us work through our lunch. We may bring food from home or even pick something up in the cafeteria, but it's inevitable. We bring it right to our desk to work uninterrupted. We feel that we're doing the best that we can because we're not wasting time and we're continuing to complete our tasks. But are we doing more harm than good with this way of work? 


According to John Boitnott, contributor to Entrepreneur.com, we are. He wrote a blog post letting us know 5 benefits to having even a decaf coffee break. Check them out below.


  • Reduces stress - Just by stepping away from your tasks and your desk can help to reduce the stress you feel in work life and personal life
  • Creating conversations - Not every department gets to talk to one another. By having different people on break from different areas, they can get to know one another and create those conversations that can lead to collaboration in the future. 
  • Reducing health risk - Sitting all day is bad. We all know this, that's why many companies have began using standup desks. But that doesn't mean you should just stand there. Get out and take even a 15 minute break to get the blood flow going!

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