5 Email Marketing Excuse Busters

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5 Email Marketing Excuse Busters


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5 Email Marketing Excuse Busters


Have you been thinking about email marketing? I have been consulting with businesses on email marketing since the time when dinosaurs walked the earth. I have well over 15 years of experience and I started building my expertise by helping very large corporations with their email marketing. Now I help small businesses tap into the best case practices. Here are some excuses that I hear again and again. Enjoy this short article - 5 Email Marketing Excuse Busters.


I do not have the time


Imagine that you were super busy. The business is crazy. The kids are crazy. Traffic is just nuts. You simply do not have the time to deal with everything in your life. I understand. My life is like that too. There is simply not enough time to do everything. But imagine that you had a full calendar and a MEGA HUGE client called you. Let us say that this opportunity was 100 times more valuable than the biggest sale that you made last year. What would suddenly happen to your jam-packed calendar? Would you adjust everything and create time to manage this previous unforecasted opportunity? Yes, you would. To bring more success to your business, you must find the time for the most productive types of marketing.


I do not know what to say


You know what to day. You do not know that you know what to say. You provide expert advice to your customers and clients all of the time. Simply follow the same strategy in your email marketing. In just a few minutes you can determine 6 months worth of email marketing content. Think through the top 6 questions that you get in your business. You get the same questions again and again because these are the most significant issues for your target market. Answer one question in every email campaign. Your subscribers will appreciate it because you are directly helping them with their most critical issues. Then, after you provide them value, you can market. Provide the value to them first, and then explain how you can provide more value with your sales pitch.


I have a small email list


It is not about the size of the list, but the quality of it. It is better to have a list of 10 devoted fans, than 10,000 who do not know you. You simply build this list over time, bit by bit. No rock star out there, started as a rock star. They did not roll out of bed and instantly have a fan base. They started small. Perhaps they sang at the local coffee shop to two people. But, they got the contact information of those two people and contacted them to invite them to the next event. When they emailed those two people, the performer asked them to bring two other people. Theoretically, if this were repeated 13 times, the list would exceed 1 million. You do not a big list. You just need to start.


I do not know how to do it


There is nothing in your entire life that you know how to do. I am serious. Everything that you think you 'know' how to do, you 'learned' how to do. Today you probably walked and talked, and perhaps drove a car, and likely without any real contemplation. It was somewhat automatic for you. You learned how to do all of these things at one point in your life. To really appreciate this, find the person in your life who taught you how to drive. They will be happy to share their near death experience with you. They might even tell you about their minor concussion caused when their head banged on the dashboard after your feverous use of the car's brake pedal. So, do not worry, you can learn the skills, strategies and best practices for good email marketing, and I suspect that this can be accomplished without significant head injury.


I do not know how to get started


There are people in the world to help you get started. Whether they are teachers, parents, mentors, pastors, business partners, vendors, suppliers, or consultants, they are there to help you get started. That is what we do at Building Aspirations. We help you get started. I do not want to you to just jump into any type of marketing program if it is not a match for you. You must evaluate what matches you, your business, and your budget. But, once the decision is made, you must take action. You must get started. Click here to get started with Constant Contact email marketing.


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