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5 Facebook Hacks to Keep Your Data & Your Reputation Safe

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5 Facebook Hacks to Keep Your Data & Your Reputation Safe

How concerned are you regarding the safety of your information on your Facebook account? I try to keep my password difficult for anyone else to hack but also easy enough that I don't forget it. With all the changes that Facebook makes regularly, it's a great idea to get into your Privacy Settings and make sure that those that are seeing what you share, are the people you want to see it. We've all seen the horror stories of the people who have gotten a job and then post something on Facebook about their employer, only to be fired the next day. While I don't recommend bad mouthing an employer on Facebook, if their posts weren't public, they could possibly still be employed.


Logan Chierotti of wrote a post on Inc that gives you 5 ways to ensure your data and your reputation are safe. Check them out below!


  1. Amend your privacy settings monthly. Ok, monthly is a little much in my opinion. But if you're great at making schedules for yourself, make Facebook one of your tasks. It only takes a few moments to login and check those settings. Here is an article on Facebook that should help titled "What Others See About You" and here is how you can check out your privacy settings:

    Facebook Privacy Settings.png

  2. Split your friends into groups: This is a great way to limit who sees what. One way I use this is if someone back home in Florida has lost a pet or found one. I know that my friends in Massachusetts are not going to be a help in finding this animal therefore I only post to those back home. Another way to use this if you want to share something work related and you don't think your high school friends would benefit from that.

  3. Protect your password. This one is huge and I know that it has been drilled into your head as to how important it is to have a safe password. 

  4. Limit your time: The more time you spend on Facebook it has been found that you may get into heated arguments and post things you really shouldn't out of hurt feelings. Try to only check Facebook for short periods of time and then log off. (I need to learn how to do this myself)

  5. Turn on the grandma filter: I believe this one is pretty self-explanatory. If you don't want your grandmother reading it, don't post it. If your grandmother wouldn't be offended by what you post, think of a "traditional grandmother" instead. 


And there you have it, "5 Facebook Hacks to Keep Your Data and Your Reputation Safe"! Go read it now to learn even more! And go change your Facebook privacy settings!

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Re: 5 Facebook Hacks to Keep Your Data & Your Reputation Safe

The fith point is overlooked by many people, thinking they they are only sharing with friends.  Regardless of your own privacy settings, you have no control what your friends will share, and no control over what their friends may comment on a post you made on your friends timeline.  


Something I learned at the two day Facebook Developers conference, is that most people access FB on their cell phone and never disconnect. Phones are easliy lost and hacked, Most people use free WI-fi which adds increased vunerability to their accounts. If using mobile devices most regularly, especially at free wi-fi spots, the password should be changed often and as soon as you are back at secured internet or 4/5G connection.. It may seem like a lot to do, however, it is more costly in time and loss when you have to attempt to repair a bad reputatio after the fact.





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Re: 5 Facebook Hacks to Keep Your Data & Your Reputation Safe

Hey @Sumner


I couldn't agree with you more! I never connect to free wifi as that just scares me! And you're right, I never log out on my mobile! And that's not a good thing either!


Thanks for sharing with us!