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5 Facebook Insights You Should Be Monitoring

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5 Facebook Insights You Should Be Monitoring

Whether you're a numbers person or not, you may find that when you take the time to dig in to your Facebook insights it can be overwhelming.  I'd like to try to make it less overwhelming and maybe even some fun. Yep, I said  If you know what you're looking for then you can actually take a look at the insights on your Facebook page and actually create some really fun, engaging posts based off of what you've learned.  Let's look at 5 (plus, a bonus!) Facebook insights you should definitely be taking a look at on a weekly basis.


  1. "Talking About This" - One of my favorites! I'm also a bit competitive so I really try to always keep this maintained and, better yet, beat it as much as possible.  What is "talking about this" anyway?talking about this blurred Well, first of all it's the easiest of all the 'insights' to find because it is located right on your Facebook page immediately under your cover photo. It says the number of people who like your page and how many are talking about your page.  "Talking About" your page means that someone has liked, commented, or shared something that created a story about your page in the news feed of that person's friends.  It directly results in a larger 'reach' to your page. talking about this afterThis is the screenshot of a client's page the moment we took it over - before we updated their profile image and uploaded a cover photo.  Nothing was really happening on their page. They had 708 likes and 5 people were talking about the page. The second image is a more recent screenshot.  You can see the "talking about this" has drastically increased. At the time of this screenshot there were 242 people talking about this page.
  2. "Reach" - When you click on the insights section of your Facebook page you will first see an overview. We will talk about that later.  If you notice there are 6 tabs across the top (Overview, Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, People). Click on your "reach" tab because there you will find some really cool, valuable information.  Sort by date if you'd like and notice how high your reach is from day to day. This "reach" tells you the unique number of people who saw your posts. Continue scrolling and also take a look at the number of negative feedback you've received which is the number of people who have hidden your posts, marked as spam or unliked your page as a result of a post.
  3. "Likes/Unlikes" - likes and unlikesSo many people get wrapped up in being overconsumed with the number of likes they get on their page.  But the real meat - n- potatoes is in the engagement.  Get more people to engage through likes, comments & shares and that will grow the number of people who like your page.  I'm not saying don't look at your likes, but be sure to look at your unlikes!  From the Insights page, click on the "likes" tab and scroll down to the "net likes: what changed" section.  Look for those peaks and valleys.  Find where you had an abnormal increase in likes and an abnormal increase in unlikes.  Then if you notice a big peak or valley like that go back to that particular day of posting and investigate what you did right...or what you did wrong! Keep doing what you did right and, well, stop doing what caused people to unlike your page! You can see from the image below that on October 29th this page received 33 new likes to their page.  From looking back at the posts on that day we found one post that was shared by another page. This other page is considered a 'strategic alliance' with the company owning this particular page. The two businesses share pretty much the exact same client so sharing information between each other can be very valuable.  Additionally, we saw that on October 25 there were a few more unlikes than normal.  We were also able to discover that because that was the first day of this page posting after being stagnant for many months they lost a few people who probably felt this page was no longer relevant to what they were interested in.  
  4. "People Demographics" - From your insights page, click on the last tab titled "People".  Here you'll not only find the demographics (age, sex and geographic location) of those who like your page, but also those you reach and those who engage.  Let's say that you feel your businesses caters mostly to men but in the "people" insights you realize that many more women are engaging on your page.  This will guide you in your future strategy to be more cognizant of creating posts to appeal to the male audience.  We've noticed this and as a result of this, we've incorporated a themed day that we're calling "Manly Monday" (not publicly but in our planning) where we are purposely creating posts to appeal to, and cause engagement from, men.  And, it is working!
  5. "Engagement Overview" - engagement overviewThe "talking about this" stat is the easiest to find and next to that is the engagement overview.  From the overview tab, look all the way to the right to see the engagement overview.  Here you can get a quick snapshot of the engagement (likes/comments/shares) on  your page for the previous week. The convenient little green or red arrow gives you a fast look at your engagement but also you can see the number of likes, comments and shares your posts have received over the week and finally a total number of times that posts on your page where clicked on during the week.  Compare these numbers from week to week to stay on top of how your page is doing.  

+Bonus = Google Analytics for Referring Sites - If you're not using Google Analytics then you're really missing out on some very important metrics.  But we're talking about Facebook, right? RIGHT!  Facebook should be referring people to your website (and likewise) so you should be looking at your Google Analytics to see how many people your Facebook page is driving back to your website. Need help with Google Analytics? It's free to setup! Simply click here to learn more.


Thanks for reading!

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