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5 Fundraising Tips You Can Learn From JetBlue

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5 Fundraising Tips You Can Learn From JetBlue



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John Haydon over at Socialbrite shared some fundraising tips that he learned just by being thinking about the check-in process that JetBlue offers now.


We all know what it's like to check-in at the airport and how stressful it can be.  How do you think your donors feel when they are trying to donate with you on your website? Are you giving them what they need to make donations as easy as can be for them?  Try some of these steps and let us know how they work for you!


  • Keep the unneccessary information out! Give them only what they need to see in order to donate
  • Call to actions are extremely clear! When your donor gets to your site, is it obvious where they can go to donate?
  • Hurdles are removed: Make it as few steps as possible.


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