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5 Mistakes Facebook Page Owners Make

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5 Mistakes Facebook Page Owners Make

Below are just a few of the activities I see Facebook page owners doing frequently that, in my opinion, can be harmful to their page's life.  Maybe they're rants of mine, but even so they are definitely important pieces of your social media marketing that should be addressed.  Are there any actions you see Facebook pages doing (or not doing) that are pet peeves of yours? Comment below and share!


Mistake #1 - Not knowing who the admins are on your page! It is irresponsible to your brand when you do not know who these incredible powerful, influential people are.  Go to your Facebook page, click on edit page and then admin roles and see who your admins are.  I pray that you (the business owner) are an admin.  We have seen first hand what terrible things can happen when that person who set up your page is no longer affiliated with your company.  One business had a few thousand people like their page when the General Manager left the business (got fired).  It was not pretty!


Mistake #2 - Not knowing that your business has multiple pages or profiles.  if you're going to use Facebook make sure that it is a page and that it is the ONLY page and profile. We recently took over a Facebook page for a client and immediately noticed there was another Facebook page in existence AND a Facebook profile.  The owner did not know that the Facebook profile was the one that was being used.  We converted the Facebook profile to a page and then merged those pages into the correct page.  Now they're down to one only. 


fans online.JPGMistake #3 - Not knowing when to post. Facebook makes this entirely easy by studying your insights. Under the Facebook Insights People Tab you can see not only the best day of the week to post but also the best time of day to post.  If your fans are mostly online on Thursdays at 8pm then make sure you've got a post at that time.  The best way to do this is to schedule a post.  Look for the grey clock in the box where you post your status update.  Posting when your fans are online will certainly help increase engagement!


Mistake #4 - Overselling. Always remember that Facebook is a "social" media platform not a "selling" platform.  Yes, it is a great place to strengthen that relationship with your existing clients, vendors and friends but it should not be the place where you got to "sell".  Use Facebook to share interesting stories, fun moments at the office, "meet the staff" pieces and more.  When your fans like, comment & share then you all win.  Facebook users do not want sales pitches crowding their news feeds.  Make them want to buy from you by being social, friendly, and engaging.


respond timely.JPGMistake #5 - Not responding fast enough. Wow, I honestly (no, seriously) just experience this myself. After private messaging a page over a year ago they just responded two days ago.  Let's just say that, at this point, it doesn't really matter now! The Nielson State of Social Media Report for 2013 shares that 1 in 3 social media users prefer social care to contacting a company by phone.  So instead they will post a question or private message your Facebook page.  Be there to respond promptly or you may miss out!


I hope that these "tips" for what not to do on Facebook also give you plenty of ideas for what to do! If you have Facebook pet peeve that I did not mention above please feel free to leave a comment below with your suggestion for what not to do on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

Kim Walker
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