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5 Practical Uses for the new Birthdays & Anniversaries Feature inside the Constant Contact Toolkit

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5 Practical Uses for the new Birthdays & Anniversaries Feature inside the Constant Contact Toolkit


Constant Contact just released a new products called birthdays and anniversaries. This new feature allows users to keep track of a contact’s birthday or anniversary and sends a triggered email on or just before that date. Below are 5 key industries that can instantly benefit from this new, innovative feature.


Restaurants – this is a great way for a restaurant to keep track of customers’ birthdays by sending an email a month prior with a special offer for the month of their birthday. The same can also be done for a couple’s wedding anniversary.


Accountants – each business has their own fiscal ‘year-end’ and accounting firms can track this inside the Constant Contact Toolkit. At or just before a client’s year-end approaches, an email can be sent to the client reminding them of what is needed in order to finalize their year-end paperwork.


Non-Profits – this one is easy. Non-profits who have a membership will want to keep track of members’ renewal date. So, sending an email just before the renewal date is an easy way to remind members to process payment for their renewal. Bonus point if any non-profits are using the Constant Contact ‘Events & Registration Tool’ to collect renewal fees.


Real Estate – a great way for real estate agents to stay in touch with their clients once they have moved into their home is to send an email on their moving anniversary date. Simple messaging such as “can you believe its been an entire year” This is a great way to stay connected so that when the time is right to consider moving again you’ll be top of mind.


Mortgage Agents – Similar to real estate agents, mortgage agents will have a unique closing date for each client. So, it is a great idea to set up an annual email reminder that allows a mortgage agent to stay connected with their clients.


If you fall into one of these industries, be sure to explore and utilize the new birthdays and anniversary feature inside the Constant Contact Toolkit.


What are ways that your organization can use the new Birthday and Anniversary Feature? Are you using this feature already? How is it going for you?


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