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5 Productivity Apps for Small Businesses

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5 Productivity Apps for Small Businesses


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We are all always looking for ways to boost our productivity. And Intuit knows that and today they give us 5 apps that can help with this dilemma.


1. Hootsuite: I love Hootsuite, we use it for our Social Media here at Constant Contact. We have all of our Twitter handles, Facebook pages, and Google+ page integrated. We have all of our team members on this too so we can assign posts to each other.


2. Evernote: This is available on Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows.  This app allows you to "sync and access your notes and task lists among multiple devices". That sounds pretty cool!  There is a free basic version too!


3. Tracky: This is only available on iOS. You can manage projects, curate content, share files.


4. MindNode: This one is $9.99 and only available on the iOS as well.  "Brainstorm ideas, organize thoughts for content creation, create shopping and task lists, or take meeting notes in a visual, structured format."


5. Mailbox: Free, on iOS but works with Gmail. This tool will allow you to filter your emails and snooze important emails to remind you to look at them later.


What tools help you with being more productive? Share them with us!


Check out the full post, "5 Productivity Apps for Small Businesses".


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Re: 5 Productivity Apps for Small Businesses

Just as a website is important for your business, so is having good relation with your customers. To maintain customer care relation and being at top in the business, business tools and apps are the perfect solution to stay ahead.

From data base collection to social interaction, apps like Hootsuite and Mailbox plays crucial role for businesses.