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5 Proven Ways to Find Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

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5 Proven Ways to Find Targeted Traffic to Your Blog


Rahul Kuntala, of, shared today 5 ways that you can find targeeted traffic to your blog.  I thought this was a pretty interesting article and wanted to share with you his tips!


1. Video Marketing: Videos have higher rank in search engines and they're "more likely to get 50% more chances to rank high on search results than the normal text contents".


2. Guest blogging: Rahul states that with guest blogging you "get more leads, sales and connections when you're providing high quality contents even in your guest posts".


3.  Podcasting: "The major reason podcasting works better is: most online readers are lazy, they always love to spend less time on reading the articles". This is true even for me sometimes. 


4. Social media: Create accounts on Social Media - Facebook, Twitter. Then follow/fan other bloggers so that you can share content with each other.


5. Article Roundup's: Rahul states that you should "collect the best posts links from your niche and merge them into one post, if possible email that link to the original blog authors who wrote the posts"


Do you have a blog?

Are you engaging with other blog authors to help share each other's content?


Check out "5 Proven Ways to Find Targeted Traffic to Your Blog"