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5 Quickie Marketing Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs

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5 Quickie Marketing Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs

Quickie Marketing Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs

Staying on top of your marketing is a MUST DO if you want to enhance customer relationships and drive sales.


But how in the world do you find the time to create something really great?


The truth is that you don’t need more time to market your business. You simply need to spend the time you do have (however small) in a more strategic way.


Here are 5 quick, easy ways to stay in touch with your audience and generate consistent sales using content marketing:   


  1. Batch Your Content Marketing 


    Create email newsletters, social media posts, and blog posts in batches.

    Instead of trying to find the time each month to create your newsletter, take one afternoon per quarter and create three issues


    Because you’ll already be “in the zone,” you’ll be able to crank out marketing materials much faster than you would by doing them individually each month. Plus, you won’t have to worry or think about your newsletter again for an entire quarter!

  2. Outsource Your Content 


    Hire a writer to create your content for you. Nothing saves time like not doing the work yourself!

    Don’t forget, we have a “done for you” writing service where we create your content and your newsletter each month. We have an several options available to fit any budget… just ask and we’ll be happy to share the details.

  3. Use Open Source Content 


    There’s no need to start from scratch every time you want to send a marketing message.

    Open source content is freely available content chosen for its relevancy to your audience.

    Check out YouTube or for timely content your audience will find beneficial. You can also use customer or client-sourced content, which will save you time while simultaneously enhancing your relationships with your customers.

  4. Use A Template 


    One of the best ways to waste time is to spend hours recreating email templates every time you want to send a newsletter. How can you avoid this time sucker?

    Design a standard template that you’ll use every single time you communicate with your audience via email. You can create a custom template using your logo, colors, and branding. From there, just paste your content in and click ‘send.’

    An email template will save time and solidify your branding with each email newsletter you publish.

  5. Automate, Automate and Automate 


    Autoresponders are a series of emails that you write once, and only once.The time-saving factor is that an autoresponder series gets automatically delivered to your customer when they sign up for your email list, or complete some other action.

    Instead of scrambling to connect with a new email subscriber, you can go about your day knowing they’re being automatically welcomed by automatic emails.

    Just be sure to create an autoresponder series with content that stays relevant over time. This way, you won’t have to continually revise it and will save even more time long-term.

The best way to save time with your marketing is to complete tasks as infrequently as possible. You can do this by batching content creation, using a premade template, and automating your autoresponders.

If you’re still pressed for time, try using open source content instead of writing your own, or outsourcing the entire project to a freelance writer or firm.

No matter how busy you are, you can establish some quick, easy, automated marketing processes that will help you stay top-of-mind with your audience while increasing sales – and all without slaving away on your marketing for hours at a time!

If streamlining your marketing sounds like a dream come true, we’re here to help. Save time and money while increasing the effectiveness of your marketing with our FREE Newsletter templates. Download your “fill in the blank and send” newsletter templates now.




Sydni Craig-Hart
Smart Simple Marketing
Master Certified Solution Provider
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