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5 Solutions to Common Small-Business Problems

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5 Solutions to Common Small-Business Problems

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Back in January, Intuit Small Business Blog, wrote a post titled "The 10 Hardest Things About Running a Business".  In response to that article, below are the 5 Solutions to some of those 10 small business problems.


1. Prepare fo the transition from full-time employee to entrepreneur by developing a six-step plan.

2. Minimize the problems associated with being the boss by preparing for them in advance.

3. Prevent burnout by prioritizing R&R.

4. Avoid financial trouble by staying abreast of your finances.

5. Overcome your fears of risk-taking by confronting them head-on.



To read the full details, check out "5 Solutions to Common Small-Business Problems".

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Re: 5 Solutions to Common Small-Business Problems

Great article.


Starting with the first point of transitioning by first knowing your life plan and then writing a strategic business plan can be the tool that keeps your business afloat through the other points. 


Too many employees jump into entrepreneurship with high hopes, but no plan, and then spend their days scrambling to make ends meet.   We plan parties and trips with lists, research, and follow-up, yet many fail to put this same basic skill into their business enterprise.


I've met many solopreneurs at networking events who continually lament about what is not happening in their business, and yet, when it is suggested that they formulate a strategic plan to support their goals, they either comment that they don't have time, or don't think it's necessary. I simply suggest, if not having a plan is not getting them the results they want, then just maybe, considering a written plan might make a difference. I stay away from quoting the definition of insanity because the response is usually a chuckle, but not a change in behavior. When someone is ready to have new results, they will take new actions.


Wishing you awesome and continuing success,


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