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5 Steps On Your Ladder of Engagement


5 Steps On Your Ladder of Engagement


Rachel Hope Allison of The Big Duck Blog shared some ideas on how to make sure your nonprofit continues to be successful at gaining and keeping supporters. She points out that it’s important to ask them to engage in easy ways first to then build up to bigger, more meaningful ways over time. Need some ideas for adding those first steps to your ladder of engagement? Check out her ideas on the first five steps.


First rung: Get their attention, usually by getting them on your list. Give people a quick and easy way to take action. Use this opportunity to collect a small amount of information so you can stay in touch.


Second rung: Stay in touch, become top-of-mind. Keep in touch by sending shorter monthly or weekly communications. Make sure you include recent news!


Third rung: Get them to go public with their support. Encourage people to share how they’ve helped you with others. Use share links to promote social media.


Fourth rung: Get them to make their first donation. Send a welcome series of emails that ends with an appeal for a donation.


Fifth rung: Get them to give more… or monthly! Avoid under-asking. Encourage those who have given once to consider being a monthly contributor.


Check out the full blog post for event more ideas: 5 steps on your ladder of engagement

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