5 Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing

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5 Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing

I was asked to simplify the social media marketing into as few steps as possible.  What I've come up with is 5 basic steps to be successful with social media marketing. 


5 Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing


  1. Post interesting and relevant content on your social sites. Within just a few days of posting you will start getting feedback from your readers about the posts you’ve made. This feedback tells you whether the content you’re providing is interesting and relevant to your readers.
  2. Build relationships through sharing. Post about what you know, why you like what you do, how you help people with your product or service, and what you can do for them.
  3. Interact with your readers. Interacting with your readers will show them how much you care.  Even saying hello in the morning goes a long way to building a relationship.
  4. Always, Always include a Call to Action with all your marketing. Something as easy as “Call us for more information” or “Go to our website” could be what gets the sale.  Make it clear what you want your readers to do. 
  5. Your Social Media Marketing does not stop with posting to your social sites. Repurpose and reuse content on other mediums as well. To be truly successful integrate Email Marketing into your yearly marketing strategy and watch as your business grows.


These 5 actions will cause you to be known as an expert.  You know more about your product or service than your readers and that’s why they keep coming back to you. You are the expert!  Share!





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