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5 Steps to Super Charge Your Facebook Fan Engagement

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5 Steps to Super Charge Your Facebook Fan Engagement

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Chris Dessi, CEO of Silverback Social, posted on Social Media Today with a great post on "5 steps to Super Charge Your Facebook Fan Engagement".



1.  Post early in the morning, or late evening - I'm seeing this more and more places. Most people are checking Facebook in their downtime - riding the train to/from work, after the kids go to bed, etc


2. End the post with these words: Like, Share, Comment - I find even myself engaging when I see this. It's like a challenge - "Why yes, I will like your post!"


3.  Don't end your posts with these words: Where, When, Would? - Chris states people are lazy and you need to give them direction - see step 2.


4.  End your post with a question - We find when we ask people questions on our Facebook Page, that we do receive more engagement!


5.  Ask your qusetion at the end of the post - not in the middle. - Questions in the middle of your post, tend to get lost. 


How do you Supercharge Your Facebook?